Business oportunities with Vhola!

Thinking of starting a business? We have several business oportunities for small and large entrepreneurs. Contact us and we will help and advise you so that everything goes smoothly ... Tell us your idea!

-Ice cream shop (Franchise)

Premises open to the public ranging from 25 to 250 meters. With cheerful, modern and simple decoration, we design your establishment. Its main product is the artisan ice cream Vhola! and it is complemented with a great variety of products such as slushies, horchata, coffees, infusions, waffles, hot chocolate or crepes.

Ice cream carts

Connected to the electrical network, it is a quick and easy way to start working with our artisan ice cream. High profitability and minimum cost. Our ice cream carts are ideal for restaurants, terraces, events, fairs, events and celebrations of all kinds. They have their own autonomy and can be easily transported to any outlet.


Vhola! handmade ice cream display shopwindow or personalized ice cream carts, ready to install in any available space at your business (cafeterias, pastry shops, restaurants, shops, events, etc.), providing a new and delicious source of income.

Why a Vhola Franchise?